Chapter 88: Obvious Scheme

Chapter 88: Obvious Scheme

Su Chen met Zhang Tingyue again that afternoon.

This time, he was joined by six other people.

Standing in front of the Origin Energy Tower, Zhang Tingyue laughed, “Prince Su, it’s me. I wanted to talk to you about my nephew again. Do you have some time?”

Su Chen glanced at the people behind him and then replied, “If there’s anything you want to talk about, we can do it here.”

“Why not find some other place to slowly talk it over?” Zhang Tingyue asked.

Su Chen shook his head. “We’ll talk here.”

Zhang Tingyue knitted his eyebrows, trying to think of a way to phrase it, but Zheng Bashan impatiently said, “Brat, are you scared now? What? Do you think that you are safe just by relying on your instructor’s Origin Energy Tower? Hmph, if you dared to do it then you need to be willing to be held responsible. Your instructor won’t be able to protect you!”

Zhang Tingyue...

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