Chapter 86: Interrogation

Chapter 86: Interrogation

After his morning classes, Su Chen headed for his lodgings by taking the shaded path along the lake.

As he was walking, he was approached by a middle-aged man.

The man’s figure was quite skinny. He had quite a sharply hooked nose, and beneath it were two neatly-maintained lines of facial hair.

He stood in front of Su Chen and said in a baritone voice, “Su Chen?”

“That’s me. You are......?” Su Chen asked.

“My name is Zhang Tingyue. I am Zhang Sheng’an’s Second Uncle. You should know his name,” the man with the neatly-shaved mustache said.

So they had still come in the end.

When Su Chen glanced around his surroundings, a few shadows were faintly discernable.

Su Chen gently laughed and replied, “Of course, he had quite the reputation. Should we find somewhere to talk?”

As if he were surprised by Su Chen’s...

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