Chapter 85: Zhu Xianyao

Chapter 85: Zhu Xianyao

Two days later.

Zhu Chen came to find Su Chen again.

This time he brought an extra person with him.

A woman.

To be precise, a stunningly beautiful woman.

“Prince Su, it’s been three days already. Have you thought it over a bit more?” Zhu Chen asked as he gazed at Su Chen.

Su Chen glanced briefly at the woman beside him before asking, “If I say no, will you ask the person next to you to forcefully control me and make me pull down the notice?”

Zhu Chen’s expression shifted slightly. He was about to grow angry when the woman next to him laughed and said, “Prince Su, you must be joking. We are in the Hidden Dragon Institute right now; who would dare to behave so shockingly here? In addition, the Zhu Clan prefers to maintain a good relationship with everyone. If we can do it through a transaction, we definitely will not resort to...

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