Chapter 84: Proposal

Chapter 84: Proposal

One thing that Shi Kaihuang said was correct. Su Chen truly wanted to begin decreasing the interactions between him and the Immortal Temple.

This idea began to bud after he met Yue Longsha.

The assassination of Yue Wuti exposed the front that the organization had been putting on in front of Su Chen, ruthlessly jarring his wishful thinking towards the organization.

However, he also knew that he couldn’t just sever ties just like that.

The Immortal Temple had invested too much into him. If he were to directly break off their relationship, he would only invite a calamity upon himself.

Even so, Ma Renze’s sudden appearance and his forceful attitude at this point in time was only a catalyst for Su Chen’s unhappiness, and Su Chen made up his mind because of it.

He wasn’t afraid at all!

Why? Because although Su Chen had become...

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