Chapter 83: Unwavering

Chapter 83: Unwavering

“The organization has already given you too much time. It's time for us to take it back,” Ma Renze said expressionlessly.

“I don't get any input?” Su Chen asked.

“I came here to inform you, not to discuss with you,” Ma Renze said coldly.

Su Chen thought for a moment before he said, “I want to speak with Sang Zhen.”

“There's no need.”

“Tonight, same location as always.”

“I said there's no need!” Ma Renze said harshly.

Su Chen coldly stared at him. “Do you think that Sang Zhen’s tactics were too soft? Do you feel that the only reason he was being led around by me was because he wasn’t forceful enough? Do you think that I am afraid of destroying everything indiscriminately? Do you think that you can frighten me just because you are acting all powerful right now?”

“So what if the answer is yes?” Ma Renze coldly laughed.

Just as Su Chen had said, Ma Renze had chosen to discuss things in the Hidden Dragon Institute just to tell Su Chen that the Hidden Dragon Institute wouldn’t be enough to protect him.

As long as Ma Renze wanted to, he could come at any time and exterminate Su Chen.

An Erupting Firebird appeared...

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