Chapter 82: Warning

Chapter 82: Warning

Su Chen’s footsteps were a bit heavier after talking to Jin Ling’er.

They were willing to kill to preserve the purity of their bloodlines?

Then had Gu Qingluo turned him down to protect him? Or was this just wishful thinking that his affection was reciprocated?

Perhaps...... He needed to find an opportunity to verify it for himself.

Su Chen quietly pondered the situation.

As he thought of the possibility that Gu Qingluo might not actually dislike him but turned him down to protect him, his heart began to beat faster, filling with excitement.

He thought back to the gaze that Gu Qingluo looked at him with that evening,

the melancholy and sadness in her gaze spoke volumes.

He really was so stupid.

He had given up on trying just because he had been turned down once.

Could this really even be considered love?

How idiotic of him!

If he had applied the same persistence he had for continuing research even in the face of failure, everything probably would have taken care of itself by now, and he wouldn’t have needed to wait until now to figure it out.

As he thought of this possibility, Su Chen quietly cursed himself.

But now that he understood,...

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