Chapter 81: Intermarriage

Chapter 81: Intermarriage

Zhu Chen gave Su Chen three days to think it over and do some digging about the Zhu Clan. Although he could have told Su Chen about the Zhu Clan himself, that wouldn’t have been as effective in pressuring Su Chen.

True prestige didn’t come from bragging but through the mouths of others!

Because the Horizontal Mountain Zhu Clan wasn’t a part of Long Sang Country, their name might not be as widespread here. However, as long as Su Chen investigated closely, there weren’t many people of medium social status or above who haven’t heard of them.

It would be a miracle if he wasn’t scared to his core after learning about the strength of the Zhu Clan.

Zhu Chen believed that Su Chen would definitely capitulate.

Today, Su Chen was headed to class as usual.

He had taken...

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