Chapter 80: I’m Not That Kind of Disciple

Chapter 80: I’m Not That Kind of Disciple

“Horizontal Mountain Zhu Clan?”

Shi Kaihuang’s voice suddenly grew louder and his eyebrows shot into the air, his tone both cautious and serious.

“Does Instructor know about this nobility clan?” Su Chen asked as he sat in the middle of the Origin Talisman Energy Formation, stars covering the sky above him.

Shi Kaihuang gazed up for some time before replying, “You should know that Bloodline Nobility Clans have different ranks, right? The Horizontal Mountain Zhu Clan has the bloodline of a Demonic Emperor.”

“Demonic Emperor Bloodline?” Su Chen was shocked.

The society they lived in had an extremely rigid hierarchy.

In such a society, even Bloodline Nobility Clans were divided into a hierarchy.

What determined a clan’s ranking was the source of their bloodline.

Demonic Beasts were typically split into low, mid, and high tier. Above that was Demon Lords, Demon Kings, and finally Demon Emperors. These divisions were further separated into pure and mixed blood categories.

It was worth paying attention to the fact that, among the Bloodline Nobility Clans, the majority of them had high-tier Demonic Beast bloodlines, not low-tier ones.

This was because they...

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