Chapter 79: Sophistry

Chapter 79: Sophistry

“A hundred Dream Droplets to buy this cultivation technique. Even if you sold ten thousand copies, it wouldn’t be more than one million Spirit Stones. How many people within the Dreamrealm would buy your cultivation technique? As long as they secretly distribute it, you would sell at most a hundred thousand copies. That is also to say that you would make at most ten million for it, and that’s a high estimate. In reality, you might not even be able to sell ten thousand copies. Wasn’t that the case with your Adamantine Battle Body? Perhaps within a year countless tens of thousands will cultivate your Adamantine Battle Body, but there might only be a few thousands who will be willing to pay money for it...... That is the truth. Wanting to make a fortune in the Dreamrealm just isn’t practical.”

Within the tea shop, Zhu Chen was still going on and on trying to convince Su Chen.

Upon hearing what he said, Su Chen replied, “I think you misunderstand me. I’m selling Kaihuang’s Heaven not for money, but because I want others to learn it so that the human race can grow stronger.”

“To bring the human race to prominence?” Zhu Chen laughed.

He shook...

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