Chapter 78: Scheme

Chapter 78: Scheme

The Adamantine Battle Armor’s sales took a large dive on the fourth day.

After losing his advertisement on the main screen, only two hundred copies of the Adamantine Battle Body were sold, and they continued to decrease thereafter. By the tenth day, he wasn’t even able to sell more than forty copies. He sold nearly a thousand copies over those seven days, not even half what we sold on the first day.

Even so, Su Chen was able to earn nearly another hundred thousand Origin Stones, reached Tier Five Dream Officer, and his personal assets had increased to seven hundred thousand Origin Stones.

The good news was that although the Adamantine Battle Body’s sales had greatly diminished, Su Chen no longer had a 90% tax imposed on him. Su Chen’s profit margins experienced a revival on the eleventh day when he sold thirty-two copies of the Adamantine Battle Body, earning...

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