Chapter 77: A Big Sale

Chapter 77: A Big Sale

Meng Lan gazed at Su Chen approvingly.

This was a young man who was very clear about what he was doing and why he was doing it. He had an all-encompassing ambition, but he could also remain sober and clear-headed.

This kind of man possessed an inherent attractive power.

Even though they weren't from the same race, Meng Lan still felt her heart flutter in that instant.

However, she quickly restrained her emotions and smiled. “I understand what you mean. Since that's the case, I will personally help you take care of this matter. The Adamantine Battle Body will be advertised on the main screen for three days with a 9-star evaluation.”

The notices in the Hall of Knowledge have different rankings, which are particularly important for Origin Skills and cultivation techniques. Thus, Castle Lords and Ladies sometimes assign them evaluations based on their content, originality, and practicality. They were assigned a value by the number of stars they have. The number of stars range from one through nine,...

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