Chapter 76: Public and Personal

Chapter 76: Public and Personal

Su Chen’s vision swirled psychedelically as he entered the Dreamrealm.

Su Chen had once again arrived at the Dreamrealm Castle. He had just appeared when Dream Spirit Lulu also appeared next to him.

She said with one hand on her hip, “These are today’s commissions.”

A screen of light appeared in front of Su Chen.

Su Chen received it. They were all knowledge-related questions, and they weren’t very difficult. Most importantly, the rewards they offered were quite substantial.

Su Chen laughed and answered the questions and then returned it to Lulu.

Lulu giggled, “Done.”

She waved her hands, and a trace of light flashed across Su Chen’s body.

Near his wrist, four black streaks formed a pattern near his wrist, displaying that he was now a Tier Four Dream Guest.

The tiers of privilege within the Dreamrealm were the opposite of contemporary Origin Tool tiers. The ranking of Origin Tools imitated the hierarchy of officials in the human...

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