Chapter 75: Adamantine Battle Body

Chapter 75: Adamantine Battle Body

No matter what the future held, they still had to continue living their lives.

After resting for a night, Team Bright finally embarked on their return journey. After experiencing such a devastating blow, no one had any interest in continuing to stay here. They also had to go back to the Institute in order to report the casualties.

On the way, they all agreed, even Jin Ling’er, to place all of the blame on the Clay Giant.

But no one knew how effective this lie would be and how long it would last.

After walking for a day, they finally returned to the Hidden Dragon Institute and went their own separate ways.

While walking towards the Origin Energy Tower, Cloud Leopard asked Su Chen, “Do you want to inform Uncle Huang about this matter?”

Cloud Leopard wasn’t Shi Kaihuang’s disciple, so he called him “Uncle” instead.

Su Chen replied, “We don’t need to tell him about it right now. Instructors...

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