Chapter 74: Taking Leave

Chapter 74: Taking Leave

The mood suddenly became heavy, as if someone had suppressed it with a large stone.

The words that had been secretly spoken in the woods reverberated in his ear.

So they had made a move in the end?

In order to successfully implement their plan, they had brazenly killed Yue Wuti.

Every person had their own point of view that was restricted and directed by the circumstances under which they lived.

When Su Chen was cooperating with the Immortal Temple, he had encountered their humorous, easy-going side. As time went on, he began to overlook the “fear” attribute of the Immortal Temple. Indeed, he viewed them as a harmless organization that was currently evolving. But to Yue Longsha, she saw an organization that would use any means necessary, underhanded or not, to achieve their goals. They...

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