Chapter 70: Cave

Chapter 70: Cave

Chunks of flames descended from the sky as if it were raining fire.

Amidst the falling flames, a red streak of light flew back into Su Chen’s hand.

It was the Flame Crystal statue.

After only being used once, its body had visibly shrunk in exchange for the extremely powerful attack.

After such a frightening attack, nothing remained intact. All that remained were scattered pieces of flesh on the ground and the smell of charred flesh in the air.

That bow was perhaps the only remaining item.

Su Chen walked over and picked up the Tree Demon Bow from the ground.

The bow seemed to be alive. Perhaps realizing that its owner had changed, the Tree Demon on the bow twisted its head around and bit Su Chen.

“Foolhardy!” Su Chen harrumphed. He stretched his hand out and flicked the Tree Demon’s forehead....

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