Chapter 69: Inferno

Chapter 69: Inferno

The blade flew through the air like a rapidly setting sun. The Heavenly Wolf let out an enraged howl.

Zhang Sheng’an gazed at the Heavenly Wolf as it continued to howl bleakly, a confident smile on his face.

“Do you think I’m that easy to kill?” he said.

He raised his hand, and a piercing ray of light began to shine from a ring on his finger.

The image of a ferocious tiger slowly began to appear. It also let out a furious howl as it charged towards the Heavenly Moon-Swallowing Wolf, becoming entangled with it.

Su Chen’s powerful blade strike had been nullified just like that.

Next, Zhang Sheng’an pulled out another item. It looked to be a vial of some sorts.

He slammed the vial onto the ground, and a cloud of fog instantly mushroomed, expanding in all directions. Unexpectedly, Zhang Sheng’an also possessed a vial of Fog Medicine.

Zhang Sheng’an was concealed by the expanding fog as he laughed, “Did you really think that you would win as long as you got close to me? How naive! The battle has just begun!”

The only reply he got was a...

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