Chapter 68: Pursuit (2)

Chapter 68: Pursuit (2)

Once he had entered this three hundred foot radius, Su Chen was no longer forced to passively endure Zhang Sheng’an’s blows.

Now that he had the ability to counterattack, there was no way he was going to let Zhang Sheng’an attack as much as he wanted to.

As he watched the Erupting Firebird fly towards him, Zhang Sheng’an was begrudgingly forced to fly into the air.

The Erupting Firebird barely scraped past his feet, slamming into a nearby tree and sending out a wave of flames.

Although it hadn’t wounded him at all, it had put a lot of pressure on Zhang Sheng’an’s mental state.

This was the first time that Zhang Sheng’an had been forced to dodge.

He was almost immediately forced to take evasive action again.

Su Chen charged forwards before he suddenly leapt into the air, grabbing a handful of leaves on his way up. He shot them out before...

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