Chapter 67: Pursuit (1)

Chapter 67: Pursuit (1)

Su Chen sprinted with all his might, staring intently at Zhang Sheng’an, who was running in front of him.

Su Chen rarely hated someone to the extent that he hated Zhang Sheng’an. He had reached his limit, and he was determined to finish off that bastard no matter the cost.

Zhang Sheng’an continued to sprint forwards in the direction they had came from. After running for a while, he glanced behind him, only to find that Su Chen was still chasing after him. He laughed coldly, “Some guy who is too afraid to attend the end-of-year competition has the guts to chase after me? You must be out of your mind!”

He unslung the Tree Demon Bow off his back and fired off an arrow behind him.

Archers were the least afraid of being pursued.

This wasn’t just because every talented archer knew how to attack while moving at high speed, but also because Zhang Sheng’an’s range would increase if Su Chen was chasing after him.


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