Chapter 66: Fight to the Death

Chapter 66: Fight to the Death


The Clay Giant’s large foot slammed onto the ground. Yan Fuxing leapt into the air, dodging its stomp.

However, one of the rocks that flew into the air from the impact slammed into his chest. He suddenly found it hard to breathe, and he instantly plummeted to the ground.

Yan Fuxing’s eyes filled with despair as he watched the giant’s foot rushing towards him again.

At that moment, a metal hoop flew over, hooking onto Yan Fuxing and pulling him away, allowing him to narrowly dodge that attack.

Sun Jizu had saved him.

Sun Jizu yelled as he grabbed his hoop out from the air, “We need to move!”

“Where do we go?” Yan Fuxing asked.

“We’ll chase after Zhang Sheng’an! He went that way!” Sun Jizu pointed off in a certain direction.

“Let’s go!” Yan Fuxing yelled.

Without a doubt, they hated Zhang Sheng’an the most out of all the members of Team Soaring.

It was that bastard who had gone out of his way to do everything possible to draw them down with him.

When he escaped, he was also the one with the most people chasing after him.

However, the two of them only pursued him for a short distance before...

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