Chapter 65: Snow Ribbon, Soft Fingertips

Chapter 65: Snow Ribbon, Soft Fingertips

Su Chen would never have expected that, when he went to chase after Zhang Sheng’an, everyone else had already made their own decisions.

No one chose to retreat; they had all chosen opponents for themselves.

They wanted to battle, using their own tactics to viciously strike back at their opponents!

Zheng Xia and Du Qing fought Guan Shanying, Cloud Leopard fought Zhong Ding, and Wang Doushan fought Sword Rhinoceros Zheng Kuang.


An illusory image of the Snow Crane appeared, sending a flurry of fists towards Zheng Kuang.

Zheng Kuang coldly harrumphed. He stabbed forwards with the spear in his hand. An extremely powerful wave of Qi surged forwards, slamming into the punches. The fists that Wang Doushan had conjured were forcibly shattered.

The fists exploded into bursts of color like flowers falling to the ground.


The Overlord Spear stabbed out again, this time charging towards Wang Doushan’s chest as if it were...

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