Chapter 64: Bloody Battle

Chapter 64: Bloody Battle

After sending Du Qing flying, Cloud Leopard landed on the ground.

He had yet to make any moves when a sense of danger suddenly welled up.

Cloud Leopard knew something was wrong and instinctively leapt to the side.


A thin, red needle flew past his back, leaving behind a thin streak of blood. However, the wound hurt with a searing pain.

Without even turning around, Cloud Leopard leapt into the air and rolled.

Three thin, blood-red needles whizzed by.

A blood-colored shadow appeared in front of him, leaving behind afterimages. The shadow slammed its hand down towards Cloud Leopard.

It was Blood Demon Zhong Ding.

Thick killing intent was written all over his face, and an inky pattern spread across his hand.

Black Fiend Hands.

The Bloodriver Beast Clan’s Black Fiend Hands was one of the most annoying Origin Skills to deal with. The dark demonic Qi it unleashed could pass through a variety of barriers and directly harm the target.

The Black Fiend Hand seemed as if it was about to impact Cloud Leopard. Zhong Ding could almost see Cloud Leopard’s tendons tearing and bones breaking.

But at that moment, Cloud Leopard suddenly turned around. His right hand formed a hook and shot towards Zhong Ding’s wrist.

Serpentine Palm.

During his years spent wandering, Cloud Leopard had studied under a regular martial arts instructor.

This technique wasn’t even an Origin Skill. It was just a regular martial...

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