Chapter 63: Mutual Destruction


Du Qing flew towards the Clay Giant with a shriek, her limbs flailing wildly.

Just as she was about to slam into it, Cloud Leopard flew through the air like lightning, placing his palm on Du Qing’s body. Du Qing’s body changed direction as she narrowly dodged the giant’s attack.

The Clay Giant’s hand scraped past Cloud Leopard’s back, sending a large chunk of his flesh flying. Cloud Leopard cried out in pain.

“Cloud Leopard!” Du Qing yelled.

“GO!” Cloud Leopard howled.

Zheng Xia charged forwards, grabbed Du Qing, and sprinted away.

“AWOO!” The Clay Giant let out an enraged howl behind him.

The fog that had surrounded its head was slowly beginning to dissipate, granting the Clay Giant sight again.

However, its anger had not decreased in the slightest. The entire forest trembled under the weight of the Clay Giant’s rage-filled cries.

At this point, everyone was trying to escape as they dodged the Clay Giant’s attacks. However, they didn’t...

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