Chapter 62: Clay Giant (3)

Chapter 62: Clay Giant (3)

Three people suddenly attacked Zhang Sheng’an simultaneously from the left, right, and front.

In that critical moment, Zhang Sheng’an suddenly let out a yell.


The thunderous cry sent everyone reeling, slowing their movements.

A small chink appeared for a brief moment in the encirclement.

Zhang Sheng’an was able to grasp that sliver of an opportunity.

In that moment, Zhang Sheng’an clawed in front of him, grabbing onto Golden Cicada Hong Wu. He sent Hong Wu flying forwards, the momentum of this throw sending him flying backwards.

Hong Wu said in disbelief, “Sheng’an, you……!”


A blade swung through the air.

Just as the trio’s attacks were about to land on Hong Wu’s body, Hong Wu’s robe suddenly bulged and expanded as if a sac of air had been inflated, blocking all of their attacks. Simultaneously, Hong Wu flew out...

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