Chapter 61: Clay Giant (2)

Chapter 61: Clay Giant (2)

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

Zhang Sheng’an cursed in anger.

They really did have bad luck!

Calamity had struck when Zhang Sheng’an and his team had been searching for Tunneling Grass.

The Tunneling Grass was a plant with a high amount of spirit power. Mature Tunneling Grass could create their own paths underground and hide in these tunnels whenever they ran into danger, quickly changing their position.

This made them quite difficult to harvest.

The juice pressed from the Tunneling Grass’s roots could be blent and processed into a great raw ingredient for Origin Tools. Thus, its price was extremely high in the outside world.

Zhang Sheng’an and the others had stumbled upon a Tunneling Grass, but it escaped from them underground.

Thankfully, their team was good at pursuing targets. They followed the traces the...

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