Chapter 60: Clay Giant (1)

Chapter 60: Clay Giant (1)

Su Chen woke up early in the morning, when the sky was just beginning to brighten.

Su Chen stretched lazily as he walked out of the tent. He found everyone already sitting around the table eating breakfast.

“For you. You woke up late today.” Wang Doushan handed him a bowl of porridge.

“What is this?” Su Chen received it and took a closer look.

Inside the bowl was a green, liquidy substance that was bubbling from the heat. It looked as if an extremely poisonous substance had been put inside.

“I tried it already, it’s edible,” Wang Doushan said diligently.

“You made this?” Su Chen asked.

Du Qing spoke up. “I made it. It’s a porridge from wild grains. I placed a few green pine seeds inside, but they unexpectedly...

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