Chapter 56: Reflection Rock

Chapter 56: Reflection Rock

After leaving the lake behind, Team Bright officially began their hunting expedition in the Thousand Ashes Gorge.

There were many natural resources within the gorge, including rare medicinal herbs.

Harvesting these herbs and hunting Vicious Beasts were the two main reasons people even came to the Thousand Ashes Gorge.

The former required lots of searching, while the latter required a lot of killing; searching required luck, while killing required strength.

Because of this, the strong teams from the Institute usually did things very differently than the weaker teams.

The weaker teams that didn’t possess enough strength generally focused on searching for medicinal herbs.

After all, in terms of luck, everyone here was equal.

The stronger teams, on the other hand, didn’t see much value in searching for these herbs. Sometimes, even if a valuable herb was directly in front of them, they would overlook it because they weren’t paying enough attention or they didn’t recognize it.

The same could not be said for Vicious Beasts, which they would kill on sight and harvest the re...

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