Chapter 55: Dragonfish

Chapter 55: Dragonfish

The Falling Eagle Mountain was not as vast or deep as the Scarlet Mountain Range, but it had its own unique dangers.

The mountain range was lined with extremely steep cliffs, one mountain after another. They stood upright like a thicket of blades, which was why this mountain range was also known as the Blade Thicket Range.

The mountain was forested in clumps. Large rock faces were often exposed to the air, looking like bald spots on a person’s head.

A long river snaked through the entire mountain range, giving the surrounding area a lot of vitality. It watered the nearby soil, allowing vegetation to flourish.

This river was called Wenchang River.

The Wenchang River was a tributary of the Golden Water River. Every year, many fish would swim upstream to lay their offspring.

They became one of the most abundant food sources within the Falling Eagle Mountain, making the area around the river highly populated with Vicious Beasts.

After cutting through most of the mountain range, the Wenchang River reached a valley surrounded by tall mountains. This was where the Thousand Ashes Gorge was located.

Within the Thousand...

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