Chapter 52: Thunderfire Balls

Chapter 52: Thunderfire Balls

Two hours later.

Team Bright was gathered next to a river located in somewhere in the Falling Eagle Mountain’s forests.

“Look, I caught a fish!”

Yan Fuxing stood on the riverbank with a large-bellied fish in his hands while jumping around excitedly.

Su Chen and Zheng Xia were setting up a campfire for dinner.

Zheng Xia’s palms cleaved through the air like an axe, chopping through many branches that were then stacked on top of each other.

Flames emerged from Su Chen’s palms, lighting the kindling underneath the pile of wood.

After glancing at the large-bellied fish in Yan Fuxing’s hand, Su Chen said, “That’s a mother river fish. It’s just before their mating season, so be careful when you cut it open. The fish eggs are extremely delicious luxuries, so we shouldn’t waste them.”

“How did you know that?” Sun Jizu asked from the side. He was helping Du Qing take care of the ape’s meat.

After the matters with the Giant Adamantine Ape and Team Soaring, Zheng Xia and the others evidently viewed Su Chen in a much different light, their...

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