Chapter 51: Counterattack (2)

Chapter 51: Counterattack (2)

“We shouldn’t have done that. How am I supposed to face Su Chen now in the future?”

Jin Ling’er cradled her head in her hands in distress as she sat next to the campfire.

“The deed has already been done. What’s the point in complaining?” Zhang Sheng’an laughed nasally.

“If you don’t know how to face Su Chen in the future, there’s no need to see him anymore,” Blood Demon Zhong Ding said.

He was slightly shorter than Zhang Sheng’an and enjoyed standing in the shade of trees, as if the shade gave him a sense of security. However, his words were often extremely loaded.

After pausing momentarily, he added, “After all, you might not be able to see him again.”

Upon hearing those words, those present began to laugh darkly.

Jin Ling’er continued to fret. “I’m beginning to regret joining your team.”

Another youth spoke up, “Hey, Jin Ling’er, do you still not understand why we had to do what we did today? Do you think it was just for this ape? Do you really think...

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