Chapter 50: Counterattack (1)

Chapter 50: Counterattack (1)

“You guys took the time it takes for four incense sticks to burn to get here. If anyone else was responsible for delaying the giant ape, they would have died three or four times over...... You’d better give me a good excuse.”

After absorbing the last mote of light and completing his “ceremony”, Su Chen turned around to look at Zheng Xia.

His gaze was unsettling.

Anyone in this situation would not be happy no matter who they were.

“Sorry, we ran into an unexpected issue,” Wang Doushan followed up.

“Something unexpected really did happen, master. We tried our hardest to hurry over.”

Upon hearing Wang Doushan and Iron Cliff say so, Su Chen’s anger decreased slightly. He glanced at the group and saw that they were drenched in sweat and their expressions were fatigued. Evidently, they had charged over here...

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