Chapter 49: Kill

Chapter 49: Kill

The piercing cry of the Firehawk was met by an infuriated howl from the ape.

When the smoke dissipated, a frighteningly large wound had appeared on the giant ape’s body.

The Giant Adamantine Ape’s Adamantine Body made its body as tough as a rock, but the powerful torrent of energy easily penetrated its body like a hot knife through butter. The massive wound on the ape’s body was deep enough to expose the white bone underneath.

But a moment later, the ape’s wound began to close automatically.

This guy’s recovery ability was abnormally powerful.

Even so, the Giant Adamantine Ape was infuriated.

Before this point, no person had ever given it such a serious injury before.


The giant ape’s body seemed to inflate slightly as it let out a primal howl.

It charged towards Su Chen, the ape’s massive body casting a shadow upon Su Chen’s body.

Upon seeing that the ape had increased in size...

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