Chapter 48: Firehawk

Chapter 48: Firehawk

While the seven other members of Team Bright were battling the male giant ape, Su Chen had begun a massive battle.

This was not his first time fighting a high-tier Vicious Beast.

He had fought one before when clearing the fifteenth room in the Hundred Refinements Pavilion.

However, battling an illusory Vicious Beast was one thing; fighting a real one was an entirely different matter.

In addition, different Vicious Beasts had different strengths and weaknesses.

The Giant Adamantine Ape was an incredibly ferocious Vicious Beast. It possessed an incredibly powerful body.

Su Chen retreated by activating the Snaking Mist Steps, slipping through the small cracks in the trees as he constantly placed Clear Wind Nets before him. The Giant Adamantine Ape’s method was much simpler.

It forcefully destroyed everything in its path as it charged forwards. Trees were overturned wherever it went.

It casually raised a tree trunk in its hand. Using it as a staff, it slammed it towards Su Chen. Such a simple attack possessed immense strength; even if it just brushed past, it was powerful enough to smash Su Chen into a human pancake.

Su Chen’s Clear Wind Net had...

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