Chapter 47: Adamantine

Chapter 47: Adamantine

What Cloud Leopard said shocked Sun Jizu.

However, he jumped onto a nearby tree as soon as he could. He glanced in the northwest direction and his body clearly froze in place.

He yelled to the people below the tree, “Two Giant Adamantine Apes are headed in our direction two kilometers out from the northwest!”

Giant Adamantine Apes were high-tier Vicious Beasts. Their strength was roughly equivalent to a low-layer Blood Boiling Cultivator.

Team Bright might be able to take on one of them, but battling two simultaneously was not easy.

In particular, Zheng Xia and the others had gone all-out against the Mountain Demon, expending a significant amount of Origin Energy.

Even Zheng Xia’s expression changed. He barked, “Hurry and take care of that one and we’ll leave!”

Cloud Leopard slashed out using the Thunder Blade at a nearby tree.

With a howl, the Mountain Demon was sent flying from the tree. Before it even touched...

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