Chapter 46: Mountain Demon

Chapter 46: Mountain Demon

No matter what, the team had already been formed. Zheng Xia could only harden his forehead and continue to lead his team forwards.

He had no hopes of scoring it big. As long as no large issues arose, he would be very happy as the captain of this team.

The Falling Eagle Mountain was not particularly large, but it was not small either. In particular, its terrain was complex, filled with a vast forest.

Team Bright slowly advanced through the forest, searching for any Vicious Beasts that might be there. Simultaneously, they were on the lookout for any Vicious Beasts that they could not defeat. Life was not a game - you could hunt Vicious Beasts, but you could also be hunted by them.

Sun Jizu was responsible for standing guard.

He cultivated an eye skill called the Unbounded Eye. Because the trees were very lush, the dense foliage greatly restricted their eyesight. The Unbounded Eye could strengthen one’s eyesight and even penetrate through objects that weren’t...

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