Chapter 45: Entering the Mountain


Chapter 45: Entering the Mountain

After returning from the Hundred Refinements Pavilion, Su Chen took Cloud Leopard and Iron Cliff with him and headed for the agreed-upon rendezvous point.

Because they had arrived a bit early, not a single person was there yet.

After waiting for a while, Zheng Xia, Du Qing and the others also appeared.

Su Chen made an introduction once everyone had gathered. “Iron Cliff is my servant. I’ll be taking him with me on this expedition. Of course, he and I are considered together.”

Upon hearing that Iron Cliff was basically free extra strength, everyone was quite happy and gave Iron Cliff a warm welcome.

Zheng Xia was still a bit worried. He asked, “How is his strength? If it’s too dangerous, I’m worried that......”

“Don’t worry. You won’t need to spend your energy watching over him,” Su Chen replied.

Zheng Xia finally nodded.

To the side, Sun Jizu asked, “Why hasn’t Wang Doushan come yet?”

“He’s probably still on his way,” Cloud Leopard piped up. “Let’s wait a bit longer.”

After quite some time, Wang Doushan’s round body finally came into view as he ran towards them...

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