Chapter 43: Teaming Up

Chapter 43: Teaming Up

“Hm?” Su Chen’s words caused Wang Doushan to raise his eyebrows in shock. “Your tone makes it seem like you are determined to head to the Thousand Ashes Gorge?”

For the past four years, Su Chen had buried his head in research. He never left his room, and he had given up on many different activities. At most, he would occasionally get together with Jin Ling’er and Wang Doushan to drink some tea and chat.

Thus, Wang Doushan originally believed that even if Zhang Sheng’an had agreed to bring Su Chen along, he would have had to spend lots of time convincing Su Chen to go along.

Unexpectedly, Su Chen had already made up his mind to go to the Thousand Ashes Gorge.

Su Chen shrugged his shoulders. “It’s better than just idling around.”

He had finally completed Kaihuang’s Heaven, so he suddenly had a lot more time on his hands.

He had spent four years quietly and bitterly thinking. Now was not a bad time to relax a bit.


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