Chapter 41: Searching for Her in a Crowd

Chapter 41: Searching for Her in a Crowd

In the blink of an eye, three years had gone by.

Ever since he had released Bai Ou and the others, everything had proceeded just as Su Chen had said it would. None of the clans came to give him any trouble.

Was it a temporary tolerance, or had they completely given up? Su Chen didn’t know, nor did he care.

During the past three years, he had focused all of his energy on cultivation and research.

His research on Kaihuang’s Heaven had reached a final juncture.

He was trying to use Brooke’s Formula to resolve the final issue with Origin Energy stability. After three years of calculation and research, he had finally reached the last step.

Today, Su Chen had finally finished up his last calculation and determined the last step. He carefully placed this final Origin Energy Talisman into the Origin Talisman Energy Formation.

The Origin Talisman Energy Formation flashed brightly, and it began to exhibit complicated changes.

The flashing lights arced across the sky, shining more and more brightly. Finally,...

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