Chapter 40: Nightmare

Chapter 40: Nightmare

Upon opening his eyes, Su Chen saw that it was already light out.

A night of beautiful dreams!

Within the Dreamrealm, Su Chen was unable find the answers that he was looking for. Too few people were taking the path that he was, and he could only rely on himself to answer his own questions.

After coming out empty-handed, Su Chen cultivated for a bit within the Dreamrealm. He also crammed for the studies that he had neglected, particularly the Origin Energy Bullets and Whitetower Teleportation. He had learned these two Origin Skills quite a long time ago, but he had never familiarized himself with them because of the lack of time.

If he had a higher mastery of the Whitetower Teleportation earlier, perhaps clearing the sixth room wouldn’t have been as much of a hassle.

Of course, Su Chen wouldn’t look back on things that had already happened. Every lesson he had learned was extremely valuable.

An entire night of cultivation had allowed Su Chen’s Ancient Arcana Techniques to improve...

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