Chapter 39: Entering the Dreamrealm (2)

Chapter 39: Entering the Dreamrealm (2)

Apart from the three large halls for information, knowledge, and missions, the Dreamrealm Castle had a few other services available.

There was a Hall of Competition for Origin Qi Scholars to engage in theoretical combat.

Origin Qi Scholars could also find all kinds of amusement and entertainment. The best services were provided here. Although the services were all illusory, the feeling they gave was very real. Origin Qi Scholars could come to lose themselves in pleasure after a long day of cultivation. Here, nothing was lacking.

There were many sources of pleasure in the Dreamrealm that Origin Qi Scholars could freely use to amuse themselves. Su Chen had personally tried some of them out. He sat inside an imperial temple and watched fairy-like women sing and dance. Many of these pleasures simply couldn’t be found in the real world.

It wasn’t important whether these kinds of audiovisual pleasures were real or not. Thus, in the Dreamrealm, they had developed...

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