Chapter 38: Entering the Dreamrealm (1)

Chapter 38: Entering the Dreamrealm (1)

Su Chen hobbled out of the room, breathless and without energy.

The skinny student was dazed by Su Chen’s nearly exhausted appearance

Many students came to clear different rooms, but not many came out of the rooms looking half-dead.

How much energy did you use clearing that room?

Su Chen laughed dryly.

It was a happiness borne from achieving victory after fighting with all of his strength.

It was a success borne from never giving up!

No matter the time or circumstances, he would not give up!

This was exactly the kind of person Su Chen was!

Of course, the battle from today had opened Su Chen’s eyes to many of the faults that existed with his battle style.

He had not been prepared enough for his opponent, his thinking had been somewhat idealistic, he had been too self-confident, and he didn’t adapt quickly enough. This was an experience that would make him more cautious in the future.

After all, this place was only an illusion. If this had been on a real battle, even if he had won, he would’ve become a cripple.

Clearing that room gave Su Chen 150 contribution points. When adding on the 150 that he had from before, he had 300 in total.

With these 300 contribution points, he could finally do something that he had wanted to do for quite some time - enter the Dreamrealm.

It costed 200 contribution points to go from Tier 8 preferential treatment to Tier 7. After ranking up, Su Chen’s identity placard sent him a notification: “Detected that the target of preferential treatment is already registered within the Dreamrealm. Do you want to activate an imprint?”

Su Chen confirmed the activation....

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