Chapter 37: Clearing Rooms

Chapter 37: Clearing Rooms

The Ferocious Race member that appeared in front of Su Chen was a large and burly man roughly two meters tall.

This member of the Ferocious Race looked just like a pig in human form. He wore a tattered beast hide and had scars running all along his body. His naked upper body was extremely sturdy and muscular. He was bald and had two shockingly large buckteeth sticking out from his mouth.

He also carried a massive battleaxe on his back. The battleaxe was covered with nicks and scars, but that didn’t affect its killing aura at all.

A black cheetah was lying at the feet of this Ferocious Race member. That should be the low-tier Vicious Beast that was mentioned.

Its jade-green eyes stared docilely at Su Chen, as if it were just a stray cat.

Upon seeing this, Su Chen squeezed out, “Dammit!”

The Ferocious Race were a primitive and ferocious race. They possessed innately powerful physiques and their bodies were shaped like wild beasts. They usually had massive buckteeth and tall, thick bodies. Their temperaments were extremely explosive and vicious.

According to legends, the Ferocious Race were the offspring of mixed relations between beasts and humans, but in reality it might be different.

The Ferocious Race was a race that lived independently from other races, and they had their own unique pedigree. Although, like humans, they had four limbs and walked upright, this was merely a common manifestation by the path of evolution. Similar manifestations...

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