Chapter 36: Clearing Rooms (1)

Chapter 36: Clearing Rooms (1)

In the blink of an eye, a month had gone by.

In that period of time, the five chief stewards had come to find Su Chen a few times, hoping to lower the ransom price or increase the time they had to come up with the money.

Su Chen could delay the due date, but the money had to be exact.. After all, he wasn’t busy and could wait.

Su Chen was performing experiments on Bai Ou today like any other day.

After feeding him a Bloodline Stimulation Medicine, Bai Ou’s bloodline began to boil.

Su Chen watched the Origin Energy in Bai Ou’s body flow as he tried to mimic the movement.

Su Chen’s body suddenly trembled. A strange hum suddenly began to sound from his body.

This hum began to pulsate within his body, giving those who heard a strange, indescribable sensation.

The glow in Su Chen’s eyes began to fade and was immediately replaced by excitement.

He succeeded!

He had finally succeeded!

In that instant, he had finally reached a breakthrough in the Empty Cry Thunder Spirit Bloodline....

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