Chapter 35: Bewitched

Chapter 35: Bewitched

Su Chen sat at the head position in the main lobby. Below him were five males all wearing the clothing of servants.

The person at the very front was a haggard old man wearing a dark-green chief steward’s uniform. He called himself Yu Wen, and he was the Yu Clan’s chief steward. The other four were the chief stewards of the Chang, Bai, Zhang, and Liu Clans, respectively.

Naturally, the five chief stewards had come to Su Chen regarding their Young Masters.

The matter of Bai Ou trying to find trouble for Su Chen was no secret. At the very least, those present knew about it. After Bai Ou and the others had disappeared, they knew after a few discreet inquiries that Su Chen was definitely involved. Thus, they had come right to his front door.

The Bai Clan’s steward said in a low voice, “Su Chen, don’t waste our time with useless words. You are very clear about why we are here today. Bring them out right now and we can let the matter go. Otherwise, you will face the consequences!”

Su Chen...

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