Chapter 34: Human Experimentation

Chapter 34: Human Experimentation

From this day onwards, Cloud Leopard also began to basically live in the Origin Energy Tower.

Shi Kaihuang was actually quite a generous old man. After all, he pursued the dream of the human race’s rise to prominence, and did not have any selfish thoughts when it came to cultivation. Thus, although he didn’t accept Cloud Leopard as his disciple, he did not object to Cloud Leopard coming to live in the Origin Energy Tower or studying here.

Without a status as a disciple, Shi Kaihuang wouldn’t specifically teach him the Origin Talisman Energy Formation. After all, it was a tool used to analyze Origin Energy Talisman combinations. On the other hand, Cloud Leopard was permitted to learn any contemporary Origin Skill. This was the difference between giving a person a fish and teaching a person how to fish. Su Chen was a disciple, so he was taught how to fish. Cloud Leopard was a guest, so he wasn’t taught how to fish, but he could eat as much fish as he wanted to.

This was Shi Kaihuang’s temperament. Any other instructor would consider this to be putting the cart before the horse....

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