Chapter 33: Friend

Chapter 33: Friend

After a day of rest, Cloud Leopard felt much better.

This was all thanks to Su Chen’s medicine. Otherwise, there would have been no way for him to have recovered so quickly.

Cloud Leopard felt that he once again owed something to Su Chen!

Naturally, the first time was when Su Chen had given him the Thunder Blade skill.

Although it was for this reason that Bai Ou and the others had tried to kill him, Cloud Leopard never blamed Su Chen for it, and neither did he think that Su Chen owed him something because of it.

He had grown up on the streets. He had only chanced upon an absorption technique unintentionally in a trash pile, embarking on his journey of cultivation.

Because he had no money nor background, he had to use all of his available resources to procure just a single Origin Skill.

Even if they were just low-tier...

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