Chapter 32: Red Cloud Slope (3)

Chapter 32: Red Cloud Slope (3)

The Bai Clan’s Thunder Spirit Bloodline came from the Empty Cry Thunder Spirit.

The Empty Cry Thunder Spirit was, according to legends from the Primordial Continent, one of the thirty-six beasts in charge of lightning and thunder. They were known as the Thunder Thirty Six.

The Empty Cry Thunder Spirit was frightening in that its thunder-type attacks had tremendous penetrative ability. Apparently, if one cultivated the Empty Cry Thunder Explosion to a high level, one could directly send thunder into someone’s body, exploding it from the inside.

Thus, the Empty Cry Thunder Spirit was not feared for its strength, but for its ability to seemingly tunnel into every corner of the human body.

Bai Ou furiously slashed out again and again with the Thunder Blade, constantly activating the jade circlet in his hand. The resounding clear cries complemented the Thunder Blade and the Empty Cry Thunder Explosion. The ringing of thunder was so powerful and intense that those present felt their minds reeling from the shockwaves.

Although his Empty Cry Thunder Explosion was far from...

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