Chapter 31: Red Cloud Slope (2)

Chapter 31: Red Cloud Slope (2)

This blade of light charged forwards like a white stallion, leaving behind a long scar on the ground.

Although the person wielding the blade was a youth, the blade surprisingly possessed a fierce aura that had traces of being honed on a battlefield. It carried a stately, awe-inspiring momentum with it.

Su Chen, who had only been in the Institute for a year, couldn’t compare to a sixth-year student. Every sixth-year student had received personal instruction for many more years than Su Chen, and had most likely entered the Falling Eagle Mountain many times. Their experience in battle was also quite impressive.

This blade strike set the atmosphere of the battle.

Even so, when faced with this blade strike, Su Chen remained motionless as he gently smiled.

At the same time that this blade strike appeared, a figure suddenly appeared behind him.

Iron Cliff.

He suddenly appeared...

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