Chapter 28: Agarwood Pavilion

Chapter 28: Agarwood Pavilion

Although Cloud Leopard’s condition had greatly improved after using the medicine, he quickly fell back asleep after expending so much energy.

After Cloud Leopard fell asleep, Su Chen sat there in silent contemplation.

After a spending a long time in deep thought, he finally stood up and walked towards the workbench on the side of the room and began adjusting the components of the medicine.

He very quickly concocted another vial of medicine.

He then poured the medicine into the palm of his hand, gently dabbing it onto his face.

As the medicine soaked into his face, his skin slowly began to darken.

Next, Su Chen picked up a pen and began to draw on his eyebrows, forming an upside-down eight[1. The Chinese character for eight is 八. What Su Chen drew on his face was flipped upside down]. Finally, he stuck a fake mustache onto his face. Su Chen’s appearance had completely changed; no one would be able to recognize him.

Su Chen changed into a robe made of coarse cloth and then left...

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