Chapter 26: Dormancy

Chapter 26: Dormancy

News that Su Chen would not be competing in the end-of-year competition spread rapidly.

Bai Yihong, Bai Ou, and many others were extremely let down and unhappy about this development.

Night Blade, who had been defeated by Su Chen during the Three Mountains Region Exam, claimed that Su Chen was afraid of participating in the end-of-year competition. Otherwise, he would have dealt with Su Chen, settling the score from his earlier defeat at Su Chen’s hands.

Frigid Despair Gan Erlei, who had also been defeated by Su Chen, also expressed his desire to teach Su Chen a lesson.

However, their words were spurned by Wang Doushan and Jin Ling’er.

Jin Ling’er’s relationship with Su Chen after the Three Mountains Region exam was always pretty good and they still often interacted with each other. When she discovered that Su Chen was not participating...

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