Chapter 25: Single-Minded

Chapter 25: Single-Minded

When Shi Kaihuang returned, he found Su Chen lying on the ground with a large piece of paper laid out in front of him. It was completely covered in formulas and talisman symbols.

Shi Kaihuang walked over to take a closer look. He knit his eyebrows and asked, “What is that?”

Su Chen was still mired in frantic calculations and flying talisman symbols. It took him a moment to realize that Shi Kaihuang had returned. He unwillingly pulled his attention away from his calculations and replied, “It’s called the Brooke Formula. It’s used to calculate how to combine Origin Energy Patterns. Just like your Origin Talisman Energy Formation, it can be used to calculate the effects that different fragment combinations would have on the Origin Energy output.”

When Su Chen replied, he felt quite pleased with himself.

In that moment,...

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